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I just started this new thing.  Seltzer water and mango juice. Delicious and refreshing. There is, unfortunately, a pitfall.  The bottles.  San Pellegrino and Perrier  add up in weight and cost.  Fourth floor, eight landings.  Madness.  I can drink a bottle in a day, at least.  I unwittingly created my own gym membership and regimen, walking from the grocery store and up the stairs.  My Italian friend told me it was a good thing that he wasn’t French when I offered him seltzer out of a plastic bottle.  Actually, it was neither Pellegrino nor Perrier, out of a plastic bottle.  Busted.  I wonder if home seltzer makers are frowned upon in the European Union?

Cultural nuances aside, the SodaStream has made up for itself in cost within the last two weeks.  There are other versions but… this one is the best looking.  It’s also easy to use.  Cartridges should be replaced every month or so depending on usage.  However, they’re very reasonable when exchanging the empty for the new. Recycle.  It’s a good thing.  *Added bonus. Leaving a smaller “footprint” by not consuming as many bottles.

If one prefers to store “de l’eau avec gaz,” in glass, make sure that the lid is air tight.  Otherwise, the water goes flat.  Sans gaz.

Available at the best and highly favored kitchenware boutique in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Whisk.  Love Whisk.  Or go online: Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and other retailers.

P.S.  I have just received confirmation that home seltzer makers are strictly an American phenomenon and will not be found in European kitchens.  That’s o.k.  I just found out that in some countries, I will not specify, mops in the American sense are not used.  A rag pushed around by a broom is standard.  It kinda makes sense.  Then again, laundry is hung dry so there’s that. Patience is not American.  I mean I want to wear my favorite tight jeans tonight.  Can you blame a gal?

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