Iris & Aria will help you manifest your inner goals by transforming your outer world. We’ll redesign your interior, reinvent your wardrobe, and build an efficient organizational system for your home or office. We create a foundation that stimulates and inspires you to realize your dreams and ambitions.


Our line of curated vintage clothing and accessories has garnered enormous popularity among private collectors. Currently, you can find us at the Hester Street Fair, and by appointment by contacting us at

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What A Girl Wants. Brooklyn.

  Diamond rings, fast cars and fancy things…  Not really.  Ok.  Maybe.  Yes.  No picket fences though.  Or not for me.  I’ll tear it down.  Travel.  Adventure. With my man and babies in... > more


At Iris & Aria, interior design is about much more than “a pretty face.”

Any room can be transformed into a haven for inspiration, creativity and progress with the right balance of light, open air, color, texture and…

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Organizing may sound dreary or mundane, but at Iris & Aria, we see it as the gateway to freedom.  Yes, seriously.

We create easily replicated systems that streamline clients’ lives, while striving to change the way people think…

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The Iris & Aria formula: Subtract, add, accessorize.

Whether you prefer vintage, couture or cozy cotton (or all of the above, like us), Iris & Aria will help build an ideal wardrobe for your body, taste and…

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