VIKIS Alarm Clock Instructions

VIKIS Alarm Clock

Good News.  It seems as though I was not the only one to throw my VIKIS alarm clock manual out and confused as to how to set it after said tragic misstep.  A lot of good folks have been looking for answers. I am pleased and happy to provide real direction, or that is to say, “Here are the instructions, People!”

After a thorough search online and on Ikea’s website, all for naught, it dawned on me to e-mail Ikea for help.  I received a very courteous response and most importantly, a true, blue set of instructions to operating the puzzling VIKIS settings.  I am retyping them for legibility’s sake because they came to me in the form of a blurry PDF.  Enjoy and celebrate our re-found knowledge as provided below:


The SET and MODE buttons are used to set the various functions of the clock. Please see below for a more detailed description and illustrations.
The LIGHT button is used to set switch on the background lighting.

1.  Press the SET button 4 times to display MONTH. Use the MODE button to set the correct mPress the SET button once more to display the day.
2.  Press the SET button one more time to display HOURS. Use the MODE button to set the correct hour. Note that A/P or H appears to the right of the display. A = A.M. P = P.M. H = 24 hour clock. (Choose the desired format by pressing MODE button.)
3. Press the SET button one more time to display MINUTES. Use the MODE button to set the correct minute value.
4. To save the settings you have entered, press set and then MODE.


Press the MODE button to see the current settings.
Press 1 time to show current alarm time.
Press 2 times to show the current date.
Press 3 times to show current seconds (Press SET to zero the seconds.)
Press 4 times to return to current time.


To set the alarm:
Press the SET button once and then press the MODE button to activate the alarm function. Press SET one more time and use the MODE button to set the hour for the alarm signal.
1. Press SET again and use the MODE button to set the minutes for the alarm signal.
2. Press SET again to save these settings.


1. To switch off the signal when the alarm rings, press the SET button.
2. You can also choose to switch off the alarm signal temporarily with the MODE button. If you use this so called “snooze” function, the alarm will sound every 5 minutes until you switch it off completely by pressing the SET button.


1. Press the SET button once and then press the MODE button to activate or deactivate the alarm and hourly signal functions;



Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 12.07.53 AM



2. Press three more times on the SET button to return to the current time.



  1. Sofie

    I love you!
    Lost my manual and this is the first of ten sites that explained how to actually set everything.

  2. thank you. seriously.

    the button combinations sort of feel like the old nintendo cheats. heh.

  3. Jessica

    Nothing is showing on my screen. Only the light button is working. Is there something wrong?

    • irisandaria@admin

      Either there is something wrong with with the clock or the batteries may have run out. That’s my guess. Hope that helps.

  4. stacey

    Thank you thank you thak you thank you!!!! xxxx

  5. magnus

    great! that clock really could use another button…

  6. W

    Thank you so much!

  7. Shaz

    Seriously thank you so much. Major lifesaver!!

  8. Vero

    Thank you so much!!!! This was immensely helpful :)

  9. TC

    Thank you so much. I appreciate you sharing this information. I, too, have been looking all over for instructions, and this is the first thing I’ve found that was helpful.

  10. Shawna

    Thank you!! Been looking for this everywhere

  11. ZY

    Very helpful instructions. Thanks!

  12. Sumayyah

    thanks a bunch

  13. Allan

    Wow. I got completely stumped by this clock! Thank you so much for going to the trouble of posting the instructions.

    • irisandaria@admin

      Dear Allan,

      Glad that it was helpful and I hope you continue to read. Subscribe even if you are so generous.

      If you have questions about products, please forward them to me and I will do the research and post the answers.

      Kind regards,

  14. PAA

    Hey, really appreciate the trouble you go through to help us , but is it still there ? Can’t seem to find it .. If it is , can you pls tell me how to find it ? Thank you x

  15. Lily

    Did you delete the instructions for the clock?

  16. Tim

    Why not leave the instructions on this page and put some advertising here to compensate yourself? Of course people are here just for the instructions – you are ranked first in a Google search when looking for the manual. Be thankful for the traffic you are receiving as just about everyone who visits for these instructions would have otherwise not known about your site to begin with. It would be better to promote your site from this page in a more creative way rather than just removing the content people are looking for (positive reinforcement, not negative). You are not being ‘used’. You are a resource, like just about every other place on the internet.

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